MaryPat Kavanagh | Author, Speaker, Coach
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MaryPat is a confident, impactful and valuable presenter. Whether she is leading a group of business owners through an emotional intelligence training, teaching lawyers about the latest in marketing and online presence strategies, or emceeing an event for a non-profit fundraising event, people listen. With an early start in motherhood and entrepreneurship, quickly followed by a 5 year stint in radio, she has mastered the art of connecting and delivering.

When MaryPat is not speaking, training, or acting as Master of Ceremonies, she is usually coaching or consulting with business owners to increase their impact through messaging, programming, and marketing efforts. She is also Chief Strategist of Strategic Results Marketing (SRM Agency) and LawMax Marketing (a division of SRM Agency), directing the daily activities of her team and managing the success for her clients. SRM Agency, was founded in 1999 as a full-service marketing agency.

MaryPat - Master of Ceremonies
MaryPat - Speaker Trainer

Since 2004, MaryPat has been writing and publishing curriculum, online content, e-books, email marketing campaigns, and everything “content marketing” for her business and her client’s. She is getting ready to publish her first book titled “How to use content marketing to get noticed in business.”


With a background in radio, nerve, and spunk, and a natural gift for simplifying a message to get to the impactful main-point, MaryPat has been speaking, emceeing, and training professionally since 1995. From Emotional Intelligence 2.0 to Online Reputation & Liability, explore the topics for your next event.


Live radio was definitely the start of MaryPat’s experience as Master of Ceremonies. From stadiums of 50,000 fans to fundraisers with 25 passionate advocates, she has a history of keeping the audience entertained and connected to the task at hand, helping your event be memorable and impactful.


Coaching, consulting, advocating, mentoring and facilitating are just some of the words to describe the personal hand-holding, extra attention, and impactful support that MaryPat provides that make the difference between struggle and success. Whether it’s creating online curriculum for coaching or the perfect email campaign, MaryPat helps you get the job done.



For more information about hiring MaryPat for your next event, or as your coach or consultant, complete this form with as much detail as possible to schedule a consult/meeting to evaluate the opportunity and insure a great fit for everyone involved!

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